Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't judge me!

I went to swim the other day. It was, as it very frequently is, fairly crowded (this is a large university's biggest gym). There was one lane with only one other person in it, so I went over, sat on the side of the pool, and asked the young guy standing there if I could split the lane with him. He looked at me--sitting, in a tight swimsuit, making no attempt to not slouch/pull in my belly/try to make myself look thinner--and gave me a kind of nonplussed expression. But he grudgingly said okay, and I jumped in.

And I was twice as fast as him. I made a point of passing him several times. Because I am pretty fucking fast and it's very satisfying to totally stomp on the stereotype of overweight ≠ active or in shape. It's not that I'm not super heavy, but I'm certainly an in-betweenie and not the image of the thin college athlete. Also, yay swimming!

Though, as a sidenote, I am trying to be vegetarian/as vegan as I can, and I'm worried about my athletic performance. :/

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